Part 1: Sizing The In’s and Out’s of Customizing Farmhouse Tables with Curbside Treasures

As you may have noticed, most of our items are made to order, which means they are also customizable. Here at Curbside Treasures, we realize that our listed tables do not work for every home, and that is why we allow customizations. While this post will primarily focus on sizing, we can also customize color, seating, style, and minor accent details.


We have a lot of flexibility when it comes to the length of our tables and other pieces. The maximum size that we can work with in our shop is 9ft long. This means that we can typically go shorter than the pieces listed and longer. Our two most popular lengths are 6ft and 7ft as these lengths can typically seat 6 to 8 people with various seating arrangements.

If you need longer than 9 ft, we do have some options for you. In the past, we have had customers order two tables to make up the length that they need, or we have designed sideboards and shelving units which can be slid to the ends of the table to give them a little extra length.

Unfortunately, we do not create tables that are extendable or have leaves. Though we do offer a pre-made table with this option which we finish in-house.


For depth, we are limited to a few different sizes. Our two most popular sizes are 29 inches wide, which is perfect for a narrow dining space or small home, and 37 inches wide, which tends to be our most popular depth.

Below is a list of other depths we offer and how we get them:

27.75” which consists of 3 9.25” boards
29” which consists of 4 9.25” boards
33.75” which consists of 3 11.25” boards
37” which consists of 4 9.25” boards
38.5 which consists of 7 5.5” boards
45” which consists of 4 11.25 boards
56.25 which consists of 4 11.25 boards
(Please note these are a few other options so if you do not see the depth you need, please reach out for more info.)



With nearly all of our bases, height is adjustable. Nearly all of our tables sit at 30 inches tall unless listed as a bar height or counter height table. At 30 tall, you can pair our tables with nearly any chair from outside brands. We can adjust the heights of nearly all of our bases, excluding our turned leg and industrial bases. That being said, both our turned leg designs and most of our industrial designs have counter height and bar height options as well.

Round Tables

We unfortunately do not have as much flexibility with our round table builds because of their design. Most of our listed tables have a 4 ft. diameter, which is our max size. We can go smaller for nooks or other small dining spaces.

Things to Think About

Seating: Sadly, you cannot sit 8-10 people at a 5ft table. While we can customize sizing, we are not miracle workers, and sometimes your space can limit your build. It is very important to think about the seating you need when customizing your table. Typically, a 5 to 6 ft table can seat 4-6 people. There are some creative ways to get 8 at a 6 ft table, but this only works for certain builds. 7 to 8 ft can typically seat 8-10 people.

Measure it out: We always suggest laying out painter's tape on your floor after selecting your size. Make sure there is enough room for chairs and benches to slide out. Just because a table is 6ft long does not mean the whole set is 6ft long. The set gets longer and wider when in use.

Shipping: The bigger the table, the more expensive the shipping will be because the size of the table is a huge factor in the shipping cost, especially if we ship it fully assembled. If you are adjusting a 5ft table to a 9ft table, expect a jump in shipping cost. It is also important to consider how to get the piece into your home. Measure not only your doorways but also your entryways. Most of our tables can come in sideways because they are only 30 inches tall, which will fit a standard doorway without having to remove the legs.